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Format-wise, it's "theSkimm for sports," but it's more than that. Sports news is crap right now and these guys are reporting bluntly, encouraging conversation, and managing to be really funny in the process. They've been Beta-testing since February and just released to the public today.
Love the look of this! The proposition, design, logo, imagery etc is great. Is it a free or paid newsletter (like I'm guessing it's free, but it's not immediately clear. If it is free - I'd look to change (or atleast test the CTA message: "Subscribe free" against the current "Sign me up!". In terms for maximizing subs - I've a couple ideas... I'd look at taking a cue from Dave Pell's and push the top navigation buttons to the footer - to reduce the above the fold options. Maybe, add a downward arrow cue on each section to - to show folks there's more below (see NextDraft). Consider losing the "archive" link (and section) and replace with a "current" or "previous" - this would give visitors a taste of TheLead - but push them to subscribe if they wanted to explore the archive and receive the next issue. Also, in terms of the "about" - it currently explains what TheLead is, but it would be more compelling if we could also get an understanding of the story of who's behind it. Hope this helps and all the best today's hunt.
Love this idea! Excited to get the emails
Great idea, guys. Heads up, when I go to the archives to see the newsletters, not sure if the background image isn't loading or what... But, I just see this:
@natemhanson Thanks! I spoke with the founders and they fixed the archives. Feel free to check it out :)
@jmj Awesome... look good!
Love this product.