The Last Sunday

Chrome extension to tell how many days remain in your life

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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2016



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Thomas Chrétien@tchret · user.headline
tagged "Productivity" 😂
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Partner
Ruined my saturday haha! Quite a decent way to put things into perspective
Jason Wise@jawise · Former CEO @PersonaDrive (acquired 6/16)
@bentossell Took the words out of my mouth! Glad I had feelings of motivation/inspiration and not despair.
Perttu Talasniemi@imakesoft · Creator of
This is... terrible! 🙃
Aakanksha Gaur@sia_steel · Maker @ShelfJoy
Been using the beta for some time now. Excellent way to put our mortality in perspective with our daily 'boredom'.
Jordan Howlett@jonovono · Software Engineer, Interaxon
Nice! I made something similar awhile ago :)
svetlyak40wt@svetlyak40wt · Founder of
@jonovono why 80 years? Why don't you take a statistically average life length in a country for people who was born in the same year like me?
Jordan Howlett@jonovono · Software Engineer, Interaxon
@svetlyak40wt Honestly, I just took 80 because it seemed reasonable. That's not a bad idea though. I was also planning on making it so you could adjust it to end whatever year you wanted it to. Havn't worked on this project in awhile but may give it an update at some point!