The LARQ Bottle

A self-cleaning water bottle. It's like magic ✨

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The LARQ Bottle uses patented technology that harnesses the power of UV-C light to neutralize harmful and odor causing biological contaminants from your water and inside the bottle. Enjoy purified water at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere.

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  • Pros: 

    The idea of Larq is great, but the actual technology broke within the first week of using.


    Some of the worst costumer service I've ever experienced.

    I purchased the top of the line bottle. I informed Larq. They asked me some questions and for picture evidence of the broken technology. I did everything and then Larq has not responded for more than month. They suck. Waste of money.

    Drew Simon has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Cool tech, smooth finish to the bottle


    Breaks OFTEN, a bit heavy

    I think I'm on my third Larq bottle at this point? Maybe fourth? Every single one I've had has red-ringed (instead of working and cleaning your water, it displays a red ring and is nonfunctional forever). Larq has been very good about replacing bottles, but enough is enough. This is brutal. I'm done.

    Andy Gouldburn has used this product for one month.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Good to see that you're donating 1% to Charity Water. What's the backstory on this product, @nadia_yun?
Justin W
Justin WMaker@justinw_tweet · Co-founder, LARQ
@rrhoover Hi Ryan and Product Hunters! I am Justin, Co-Founder of QUARTZ and I am really excited to introduce you to the QUARTZ Bottle - the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle with instant water purification. The idea is pretty simple: pure water from a clean bottle anywhere and anytime - and we will all live healthier and use less plastic. Reusable water bottles today offer an environmentally friendly solution to plastic, but they are easily contaminated, difficult to clean, carry an unpleasant odor, and they do not provide access to purified water on-the-go. This is why we still dump over 1 million plastic bottles into landfill as a civilization EVERY MINUTE. The QUARTZ Bottle addresses current pain points by design. It uses patented UV-C LED technology to neutralize harmful and odor causing germs from your water and bottle. With just a touch of a button and in only 60 seconds, enjoy purified water from a clean bottle, anytime and anywhere. The bottle also turns on automatically every 4 hours to keep your water fresh and bottle clean. We are live on Kickstarter at We’d love to get your feedback and support! I’d be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
Nadia Yun
Nadia YunHunter@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
@rrhoover What are your thoughts on the QUARTZ Bottle? #drinkbrilliantly
Ian Blair Hamilton
Ian Blair Hamilton@ian_blair_hamilton · Inventor, AlkaWay
@rrhoover @nadia_yun hey Justin contact us about distro when you have time.
M Dorsett
M Dorsett@mdorsett · Writer on the hunt 24/7
@justinw_tweet I like it!! I found out about it from the Mashable video that was made. The video was a little long. I didn't watch the whole thing. I didn't even realize the charity part of the business until coming here to PH. I like that a lot 👍🏽
This is amazing. Does this use similar technology to the light that you can buy for water purification, but it's integrated into the cap?
Nadia Yun
Nadia YunHunter@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
@lonnylot Thank you for the question, Lonny. The QUARTZ Bottle uses UV-C water purification device that does NOT use mercury bulbs. The patented UV-C LED technology runs off a battery that only needs to be charged every 2-3 months via micro-USB. Correct, the light is integrated into the cap.
Joe Sinkwitz
Joe Sinkwitz@cygnusseo · CEO, Intellifluence
Thanks for letting me know about the launch Nadia; this is cool.
Nadia Yun
Nadia YunHunter@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
@cygnusseo Hey Joe, it’s my pleasure! #Drinkbrilliantly
Nadia Yun
Nadia YunHunter@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
@rrhoover @ian_blair_hamilton @lonnylot Quick Update: We are on track to be the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Hydration! (By end of week!) Kickstarter Campaign Overview * Fully funded ($30,000) in 15 minutes of launch * Raised $190k in 24 hours with over 2,000 backers * We are currently #1 on Kickstarter Popular & selected for “Projects We Love” * Half a million dollars in less than a week! Thank you to all the PH’ers who have supported the campaign not just by pre-orders but also spreading the word!! Drink brilliantly, Nadia Yun marcom