The Kong

The world's first koozie beer bong!

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Introducing The Kong, the world's first koozie beer bong. We set out to make a unique drinking product that reinvents the beer bong in a portable way that just makes sense, and we think we’ve done exactly that. Our experience and research in the party and tailgate scene told us that there are three features which will solve the biggest problems currently holding the beer bong to its original untouched roots. The features we wanted to bring were portability, making the beer bong personal, and taking it from novelty to a long lasting, beer drinking connoisseurs tool. Check it out! And if you like it, support us on kickstarter! Thank you!
@hunter_souders Are you going to have trouble trademarking the name, when there is already a product named Kong marketed at pet owners?
@dereksilva no as it is not in the same category! Our trademark has already been submitted and approved actually
Literally cracking up at how ingenious this idea is. Would be a definite win is I were still in college. Good luck guys!