The JFDI Cast

Daily podcast from ustwo co-founder Mills about JFDI


The JFDI CAST is a daily show where I just talk for 20 mins about just f*****g doing something. Stop procrastinating, stop overthinking, stop planning and just f*****g do it (and learn from it.)

I am an ultra runner and when I am not running I am pretending I am leading ustwo which I co-founded with my best mate 15 years ago.

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Danielle Newnham
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  • Danielle Newnham
    Danielle NewnhamFounder, The Junto Network. Author

    Great array of topics discussed in highly engaging and frenetic way


    Mills likes to go off on a tangent sometimes - part of his charm!

    I first interviewed Mills around 8 years ago - he has a special journey to tell from the start of ustwo to the famous Monument Valley game and beyond. And the biggest plus is his raw honesty about topics most founders shy away from discussing in public. A must-listen for founders, makers, designers, creators everywhere.

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  • Joseph Danger
    Joseph DangerSomething Something

    Honest, humble, warm, curious, interesting


    Unlike anything else, and probably not to everyone's taste, but that is actually a bonus.

    An inspiring honest podcast for any creator, maker, artist, designer, human.

    The best thing is the fact that it is not 'fake podcast' type perfect anecdotes that make the host sound awesome that is too often the case.

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  • Pros: 

    It's real! And so many people aren't real when they are in podcast mode.


    Won't necessarily answer 'how to' questions with clear steps, but if you want that sort of nonsense go to buzzfeed.

    I work with Mills at ustwo, so I know the man behind the madness. And I can say that he is genuine in his desire to help others get the confidence they need to blaze their own trail. Or run an ultra-marathon trail as the case may be.

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