The Intern - 3: Stand By Me

Allison buys a new mattress and learns how to use Twitter

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This episode starts off by describing Allison's struggle of buying (and then carrying) a new mattress through New York. Then, Allison realizes she knows less about Twitter than she originally thought. .@albtweetin great episode πŸ‘
@_ryangilbert LOL, I see what you did there πŸ˜‰
I listened this morning while getting ready (my daily routine for podcast consumption). I like the humility and honesty of the show. It feels very personal. @albtweetin - I'm curious, how do you decide what topics to focus on in each episode? Do you have an editorial calendar of things you want to cover or is ad-hoc?
@rrhoover thanks ryan! the topics so far have arisen organically from the tape that i've been collecting and the topics that I've been naturally curious about (where does all the money come from!?). I do have a loose editorial calendar, but I find that the process is similar to writing: The more I write (record and edit), the more clear the topic and point of the episode becomes.
First time listener here, I actually enjoy the format and as @rrhoover said its pretty honest and I like it! :)