The Intern - 2: Money on the Mind

Where is all this money coming from? Allison figures it out.

As a recent college grad I might be biased but I love the issues you address. A lot of my friends outside of tech have the same questions and it's really hard to answer them. This helped me see their perspective. Can't wait for the next one 😄
Perfect timing. I'm about to take off to see the family. ✈ I'm 10 minutes in so far and increasingly interested to see how the story progresses. I hope she covers the investment side of betaworks with @matthartman.
@rrhoover Enjoy and safe flight! I'll be interested to hear your reactions as someone so steeped in all the startup tech craziness I talk about :)
@albtweetin I finished it on the flight. Great episode, Allison. Was cool to hear @nchirls make an appearance. 😊
Episode 2 covers some of the questions that I think a lot of people in tech and the start-up world would like to ask but are maybe a little too embarrassed to ask. Like where does all the money come from? What is a person worth? We hope you like it.
Absolutely loved it! Wicked job @albtweetin one of my new fave podcasts!
Hey @albtweetin! I love this episode too! I'm going to graduate from my university soon and hoping to understand the tech scene more, so I like the questions that you asked and the answers that you got. Thanks! 😊 Also, the music effects and background music are amazing 👍