The Imperfect Writer

You make awesome stuff, learn how to write sales copy for it

The words you write run your business. Whether you create newsletters, posts/articles, or sales copy for pages just like this, we want to help you write better, write more often, and generate revenue from your words.

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Hey PH'ers! The Imperfect Writer course is an asset I wish I had when I started my entrepreneurial journey 10+ years ago. How do you gain confidence in you're writing? How do you write copy that sells your products or services? What if you failed/hated every writing class you've ever taken? That's why I partnered with my amazing editor Chantel Hamilton to build The Imperfect Writer. A course that embraces becoming the best writer that YOU can be, and that focuses on writing for your online business needs (it's not a course about book authoring). The writing formulas and practical exercises will give you newfound confidence in your writing. And you can tear through this self-paced course in a matter of hours. The Imperfect Writer launched today and is being sold with bumpsale pricing. That means it was $1 when it started, and after each purchase the price bumps by $1. This is a little pricing strategy I came up with in 2008 and have continued to use over and over. Sidenote: You can setup your own bumpsale for free at (this was on PH a few years back). Any questions? You know what to do :)
@jasondoesstuff nice work but might want to avoid marketing it with a comma splice 😬
@stan hehe we talk about that in the "Ignore Old Rules, Master New Ones" lesson. I'm all about embracing imperfection and actually getting things out the door (writing, products, etc). πŸ˜‰
@jasondoesstuff "How do you gain confidence in you're writing"? Truly an imperfect writer...
@kmccormi that's what I get for not having my editor proofread my PH announcement comments! I'd fix it... but, I embrace my mistakes (and people are still buying). Also, the english language is just a mess.
@kmccormi And just FYI, PH emailed me your first comment, which was your opinion and you were entitled to share: "@jasondoesstuff "How do you gain confidence in you're writing"? I definitely don't have confidence in your writing, and neither what you're selling as a result." πŸ˜‹
This is something that I would love to get but the price is way too high and no discount for Product Hunt users ☹️
@erickbarron86 I'm curious, what price did you expect to pay? And what amount of money feels reasonable for you to invest in improving a skill? These are honest questions, not meant to be asked with snark (as reading tone in comments is tough!) Also, the "bumpsale" is the discount :)
@jasondoesstuff That's a fair question, so I'll give you an honest answer - I think that $40 is a reasonable price. I am sure you'll want to make a case for "value and investment" which is fine, but you can make the same argument for most products, i.e., (product management software saving you tons of time, software that improves your RIO, etc.) The current $93(and going up) is out of the reach of most people and in my opinion unjustified because the material is simply a book laid out in a Wordpress website with a membership plugin. At the current price, you are getting close to half a year membership of "Also, the "bump sales" is the discount :)" I don't see how this can be considered a discount by anyone else here, especially since most of the regular users here are used to getting a discount for featured content (which I'm sure this will and by the time it does it will be at what, $200+?.) That's what I think, and I'm sure others here would agree with me. I'm also not trying to sound snarky, that's just what I think. 😊
@erickbarron86 Good to know about the price point and to get more information on how you view discounts here on PH. For me, as someone who has sold 50+ products to thousands of people since 2008, I've learned that the amount people pay has a direct correlation to how they consume and use that thing. From a ton of real data in my own business (and owning a few software companies where I can see other customer behavior), the customers who pay the least amount of money, or who buy things via normal discounts, are the least likely to "open the box" and do the work. It's certainly not a one-size-fits-all, but I've learned from my own data and from experiences of having products featured on sites like AppSumo, et al. I appreciate your opinion and time. You wouldn't have commented and commented again if you didn't think The Imperfect Writer could make an impact for you. I'm happy to honor your $40 price request if you want to send me an email (hello[at]jasondoesstuff[dot]com). My personal motto is "you don't get what you don't ask for," plus, I'd love for you to take the course and let me know if it was worth more than the price you paid :)
@jasondoesstuff That's a fair answer. I just think more people would like access to this and might be too expensive for them. Anyways, I will go ahead and take you on that offer because I do think I'll get something great out of it πŸ˜„
Well, there is no damn way I am passing this up.
@jonnastor WOOT! And you actually did buy it, which is rare sometimes on the Internet when people say they're going to buy 🀣 - Excited to hear what you think and to read your imperfect writing!
I think I dig this, but I'd really like to see some kind of "intro" or "teaser" lesson where I could immediately see a benefit that I can apply right now. If you get me doing a freebie lesson that yields benefits, then you've created a smooth track for me to throw money at you.
@trulyadamant you can watch a preview lesson here: (there isn't a lesson on the sales page because The Imperfect Writer itself has an imperfect sales page... πŸ˜‚)
Hmmm! I just closed a publication on Medium called Imperfect Writers of the World. Good luck Jason