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Building a toolkit of Mental Models

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The Hypergrowth Podcast is a podcast by two students by students for students. While we value a university education, we believe that a lot of students are not adequately prepared with various prolific and nuanced perspectives that the university doesn’t explicitly teach. We call these perspectives mental models.

These mental models are simply tools. Based on your life, some may be incredibly useful, while not so much - however, equipping yourself and understanding these thought frameworks will allow you to make better sense of the world.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
Super intrigued, please say more about the 'prolific and nuanced perspectives' university doesn't teach that you cover? @nikhilbose
Nikhil Bose
Nikhil BoseMaker@nikhilbose · Co-Founder Hypergrowth Podcast
@abadesi Sure! The first one that we cover, in the episode linked above, is focused on the Human-Centered Design process and the importance of empathy. Here, we're not thinking about the process as one would think about in Product Design, but more as a general cognitive framework that you can use to tackle everyday situations - and the notion of empathy is fundamental in its application. In future episodes, we aim to bring on leaders talking about topics such as data as a framework for scale civic solutions, and quantum physics applied to everyday life. In each episode, we delve into these perspectives, which we refer to as mental models and break them down and distill them for the greater student community, in a manner that that can be applicable. :)