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The Hub

We connect creators – to each other and to brands.


The Hub is a community of the top creators (photographers, models and videographers) in the country.

Our creators use our app and website to find other passionate creators to shoot with. So far, our 35,000 creators have done 186,000 shoots together.

Our brand partners use our site to find the best creators in the country for any project, anytime.

7 Reviews
Raj Jawa
Zach Leung
Kassidy Renee Paige
 +11 reviews
  • Raj Jawa
    Raj JawaActor / Editor / Photographer / Writer

    Cannot evaluate


    Rejected application

    Apparently The Hub has decided to put itself in the position of deeming who is worthy of using its platform and who is not. I hope this venue does not become popular for fear that all creative jobs will wind up on this platform for only the elite creators.

    Raj Jawa has never used this product.
  • Jake Ruth
    Jake RuthPhotographer, Designer, Videographer

    Great way to meet new artists in a new area and a great staff that is involved with the users!


    Non really in my experience!

    Wonderful community for any creative! If you are ready this and hesitant.. give it a shot! I promise you it is 100% worth it; it will inspire you to create more and create outside of the box.

    Jake Ruth has used this product for one year.
  • Thomas Nowaczynski
    Thomas NowaczynskiPhotographer

    Helps creatives meet other creatives and connects them to brands



    I love what these guys are doing. Encouraging a world full of creative minds to think outside the box and do something impressive and unique is never a bad idea. I'm based in a rural area without a ton of people using the platform but it's growing quickly and every time I travel I use it to meet up with people. Great platform.

    Thomas Nowaczynski has used this product for one year.
  • Robert Trawick
    Robert Trawickimage creator |educator | coffee drinker

    BEST place to meet other creatives for collaboration


    need a iPad specific app - iPhone app is awesome!

    As a creative photographer, it's hard to find like minded talent that enjoy the craft more than the business. Helping each other succeed raises the bar for everyone and keeps us growing.

    Robert Trawick has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Resources available to complete your creative process. Wether you are a photographer model stylist Etc. convenient, helpful, ENCOURAGING


    I have used this platform for about a year and the app almost a month and have not had any cons

    What I mean by encouraging is The Hub also has contests big or small for the creative community whether it be being featured on their page, winning trips to another destination to create with other creatives ( from the hub ), winning gear, helping with meetups etc. Its great to have that platform make you want to create and support you. I’m happy to have been introduced to the hub 😊

    Corey Melendez has used this product for one year.
  • Whitney Rose
    Whitney RosePortrait Photographer

    Best place on the Internet to find other creative’s



    A great online tool that allows fellow creative’s to collaborate and create art

    Whitney Rose has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Really functional search and screen appl makes it faster to find people to work with. They’ve worked really hard to make a good UI too.


    there are some improvements that could be made since its so new but overall I love what they’re doing.

    The Hub is great. Happy to be a part of it! :)

    Kassidy Renee Paige has used this product for one year.