The Happiness Advantage

Learn how happiness fuels performance and success at work

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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Hey @doefler - do you have any takeaways from this book that you can share :) ?
Kim DøflerHunter@doefler · Entrepreneur and tech lover
Yes @bentossell 😀 The book, in general gives a good introduction to positive psychology and how your brain can adapt (brain plasticity). Shawn explains that, opposite popular belief, you don't get happy from success, but the other way around. When you are happy it will affect your ability to innovate, relate to other people and deal with stress. Furthermore he talks about hedonistic adaptation which in other words means that once we achieve something we just want more 😉 This is a great read if you are into how the brain works and self-improvement. Within the same field, I also read "Search inside yourself" by Chade-Meng Tan and "Happier" by Tal Ben-Shahar, which I can also both recommend.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@doefler Awesome!! Sounds interesting for sure... post those books too 😜
Kim DøflerHunter@doefler · Entrepreneur and tech lover
@bentossell just posted "Happier" 😀, "Search inside yourself" was already posted.