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In Home IV Hangover Cure

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How are there no comments on this yet!? I'm very curious to hear what people have to say... Until then, I will hold off on sharing my view of this product.
@mikebronfman I'm interested in your thoughts. I feel as though it helps promote a culture in which people are perhaps making themselves ill. If it's at the point in which someone needs an IV...
@asakitfield - Interesting space and is definitely getting some traction in vegas right now. Not sure I fully understand from your website wether this is to book on demand IV drips at my location or if it is a pre packaged product I can administer myself?
@stuartchaney22 @asakitfield Great feedback! We are live with our in-home nutri-drip delivery service and do not offer a self administered product. I'm very curious what sections of the website give you the impression the product is self service? : ) (we have some website updates being pushed live soon and I want to make sure our messaging is clear)
How do you plan to move past the stigma of having strangers administer IVs in someone's home/comfort-zone? I would think that'd be a huge hurdle to overcome. What kind of training do your employees have? @asakitfield
@stttories @asakitfield Good question! It is definitely a hurdle. In the coming weeks we are will have a section on the site that will feature bios of all our top nurses, to allow customers to get a sense of our team before booking. We will also have a feature allowing them request specific infusion specialist. Our repeat business is greatly driven by the experience and relationship the customer develops with our AWESOME nurses, so we only hire fun charismatic people (in addition to very skilled). All of our infusion specialists are either NPs, PAs, or RNs and are all required to be IV (re)certified (which means they have to take a 6 hour course).
There is a doctor in Las Vegas that offers this at hotel's on the strip. Not sure what to comment on.
@jlax There are actually IV hangover cure companies all across the nation. Nutri-drips are becoming very common place. While they are great for Hangovers, Nutri-drip benefits and applications extend far beyond the realm of party animals.
Hey All- I'm one of the Founders of the Hangover Club and level28. I would love to answer any questions you have!
@asakitfield I've used these services a couple of times. :) I'm still not sure I can detect the efficacy of the treatment. I guess the questions are, do they really work and what does "work" mean?
@surfy @asakitfield It definitely depends what you were given. A lot of the services out there are not using the highest quality fluids/vitamins, which makes a HUGE difference. -Normal saline/sodium chloride .9% vs. Lactated ringer's (WAY more effective, but harder and more expensive to get) We only use Lactated Ringer's of course... : ) Were you trying to get relief from a hangover or looking for some health benefit like energy or detox? Obviously I'm bias, but I am a true believer. I grew up with my doctor dad giving me B12 shots on weekends home from college to pick me up, or IV fluids when sick with the flu, which were great. But when I tried it for a hangover on my bachelor party, I was blown away.
@asakitfield Pure hangover relief. I'm guessing pure saline once and saline with nutrients (in vegas of course) another time. What's the difference? I've tried b-12 as well, but did not notice anything there either and I've had both types (meythl and cyano) what am I missing there?