The Guardian 5.0

Welcome to a new look for the Guardian


The Guardian Version 5.0 brings a brand new look for the app, coinciding with the launch of the new Guardian newspaper in the tabloid format.

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The flat/material style is increasingly irrelevant and will go the way of Bootstrap style, big heros, etc. At least in my opinion. Maybe the direction MS is going in but it is still way too bulky and disorganized. I like this approach because it brings us back to our roots as a nation, ie; strong Rosie vibes. maybe im projecting...

EDIT: this redesign is bemusingly controversial


This is absolutely wonderful. A throwback to retro design while still staying modern. Great job!


What Robot Devil Co. said

I'm really appalled by the lack of upvotes this redesign has.


Feels amazing, easier to read, much higher quality.


Not enough upvotes on here.