The Goldfinch

Recent Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction

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A stunning read and one of @aunder's favourites too! Check out April's LIVE chat for further recommendations and to find out what the @slackhq Book club have recently been reading:
A seemingly average story of a NYC boy's life… some unexpected twists and turns, all written amazingly well. Only ding is that it is loooooonnnnnggggg - 700+ pages! But flies by; I couldn't put it down.
@akad i LOVED this book. Donna Tart also wrote "The Secret History" (in college!) which I also thoroughly enjoyed, maybe even more. interestingly, Tart writes a book every 10 years or so. Rare to see an artist have that much delayed gratification these days.
@akad hell of a book - and indeed a real page-turner! I lugged this thing around everywhere for like two weeks.
@eriktorenberg @akad As outsider-moves-in-elite circle books go I also preferred The Secret History as well though enjoyed The Goldfinch which was beautifully written. I can still remember Richard, Peter, Henry, Camilla decades later; pressed to remember a character other than Boris months after The Goldfinch. Her book between, the Little Friend, was by contrast much weaker.
@eriktorenberg @akad Also rare: she doesn't do much press at all. Very difficult to pull off in the current publishing climate.
@eriktorenberg @akad Junot Diaz has put time in between books, but sure there are other big names with time in between (Pat Rothfuss is one in the fantasy realm)