The Flight Pack: A Modular Travel Bag

A travel bag, optimized to keep your essentials organized

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Thanks Sisun for sharing the product love! Hey everybody! The Flight Pack was created from the endless travel packing hacks I’ve tried and unproductive, last-minute moments before a trip. I wanted to create something that was easier and stress free. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last few years, traveling heavily while working as a digital marketer and producer, and never quite figured out the formula for carry on only packing. It’s about feeling like your best self on the go, wherever you go (right?) I wanted to put together a pack that was minimal, modular, and durable enough to weather some adventures. Oh yeah, and I wanted it to be designed badass, down to the details. We’re live on Kickstarter and would love your support to make our first order happen. Much appreciated, and keep traveling!
Great product! Love it.