The Fiftysix Tablet Kit!

A build it yourself tablet and coding kit for kids.

Hey Product Hunters! Taj here from Fiftysix in Brisbane, Australia. We just launched our new, flagship Fiftysix Tablet Kit last month - we like to think of it as the LEGO of the 21st Century. The Tablet runs Android and is as easy to build as a puzzle. I've had a lot of questions about the name, basically our lucky number and name is Fiftysix, because in numerology it means to provide children with new opportunities. We’d love to hear what you guys think! :) @hellofiftysix
@tajpmahal @hellofiftysix nice to see the progress Taj. Congratulations on the launch. It's been great to see how far you've pushed ahead - Startup Weekend seems like such a long time ago now. And I agree with the great ideas here, if we learned anything from Gundam and Pokemon and everything in between, it's that customising tech is always a good idea ;) Looking forward to seeing these in the wild.
Hey @taj great to see a product in this area from an Aussie startup, good on you! It wasn't clear to me in the video that this was about building a tablet - all the tablets looked already built. Otherwise it's a great video. Your website is much clearer on purpose than that video. If it were me, I'd have waited a little longer before submitting this to Product Hunt. You begin shipping orders in April, which is centuries away in terms of PH Attention Span (PHAS). It might be hard to restart momentum in April, which is when you really need it. Final tip would be: get working on customisations. I worry that many users won't feel like they've "made a tablet computer" if there's only one kind of tablet to assemble and only one way to assemble it. Little things like different coloured components and bigger things like different spec components or additional components might be necessary for each kid in a school to feel like this is a tablet they've made themselves. Biting off a massive chunk of challenge by not only bringing a new tablet to market but also a new software development environment for kids! Best of luck mate!
@bigyahu Hey Alan! Thanks for your message. We actually sold out when we launched the new product on January 15, 2016 so we're now accepting pre- orders for shipping in April, 2016. Definitely will start to have a think about these extra customisations, thankyou! :)
I find it strange to say 'LEGO of the 21st Century' Firstly LEGO is still the LEGO of the 21st Century :p You may get people pushing back because this is using a tablet to build things not physical blocks like LEGO. etc etc. This seems like a way to get kids to code, so I'd be proud of that and market it that way IMO :)
@bentossell All good points - thanks for the feedback!! Definitely a way to get my fellow young people to code! :)
I like the thought to get kids interested of coding. Is this similar to Scratch Jr? I can't try, I'm on iOS 😄 Will you do an iOS version later?
@mikaellowgren Hey Mikael! Basically, the Kit involves the child putting together his/ her very own Android Tablet then once the Tablet is built, they have the opportunity to build their very own game. iOS will definitely follow at some point!! :)
Awesome stuff. This looks like a great platform for ongoing engagement throughout a young person's school life. Agree with @bigyahu's thoughts on customisations. Would be cool to 'qualify' for new components by completing coding challenges.