The Field Guide to UX Strategy

Actionable UX strategy guide from Robert Hoekman Jr.

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This book is a must-read for any one that has any level of responsibility within the process of creating products. You'll get practical advice that you can implement into your own UX processes right away.
I find the landing page a little bit confusing, its not clear if I have to sign up for a trial in order to get the ebook
@jaschaio i had the same experience, turns out that the form to put your email to get the book doesn't show up at all on mobile, only on web. ironically poor UX for what looks like a great resource :)
@daretorant I don't see it even on my mac. Checking the code its there, but doesn't show up. Looks like a bug
@jaschaio Sorry about the confusion — I know that once you enter your email another page pops up asking if you want to start a trial. You shouldn't have to sign up for a trial to get the e-book. Once you enter your email, you should get the book sent to you. Would love to hear your feedback on the experience, mind emailing me at
@daretorant @jaschaio Sorry about that! What mobile device and browser are you using? Mind emailing me at with some screenshots and we can take a look to see what's going on.
Thanks for sharing this design resource! I downloaded it & a few other offerings from UXPin. (Smart move to position leadgen content as a product to "hunt"). My only UX'y issue is that gaining access to their other e-books is torturous -- you have to select & download each one individually. With each request, you have to give up another piece of information -- industry, phone # etc. I do not like when companies ask for my phone #! Why not one form & one zip file to make it easy on the customer-designer?
@ak310i Thanks for downloading! We've started to put together bundles of our most popular ebooks so that you can get one big zip of three books, instead of having to download each individual one, such as and
@ryantriddle thanks! i did download a few bundles...not sure now if i have duplicates tho! hopefully i will find time to read & apply all the lessons.
I was just able to download the book, and started to inspecting it now. Thanks Hiten
I have learnt a lot from 7 books that I read by UXpin while building, this one also is pretty useful. Thanks.