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I make this. But I wanted to share some data for the first product of Exponential View - the newsletter. We see consistent 50% open rates and 26% click rates. I think an industry benchmark for good opening performance is 40%, so grateful that subscribers still find it interesting. Cohort retention is also strong, people do seem to keep opening even after 4+ months of subscription. It has a low key presentation supported by the lovely Revue newsletter platform. All in all it seems to work well. But always open to feedback.
Just to add some testimony as well: Albert Wenger, Partner of Union Square Ventures: "If you haven't done so I highly recommend signing up for azeem's excellent newsletter" Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of The Economist: "@azeem's newsletter is so good—the highest density of interesting links on AI, robots etc anywhere." Happy to share more ;)
@azeem that's how I found out about it and consistently amazed at the quality of the content. Can't imagine bein without it anymore. Thanks @azeem!
This is one of the best newsletters out there. Fills my Sunday mornings with really interesting topics and articles and is genuinely a thought starter. Highly recommended. @azeem - I wonder if you've thought about developing it further - maybe a forum, Slack channel or podcast?
@eamonncarey Eamonn there is a slack channel. Invite coming.
@azeem Can you please also invite me to the slack channel?
This, Benedict Evans, and Marginal Revolution are my main sources of information these days. Respectively on anything AI/Progress/Science, Mobile, and Economics/Politics - but the lines blur. Great stuff. Whenever someone tells me about an interesting article, chances are I read about it on the Exponential Digest 2 weeks earlier.
It's important to step back and open your mind; to look behind the changes and develop a long term view. The Exponential View has become a part of my routine to do that.
I've been lucky enough to be on the newsletter since issue Exponent 0. Along with Benedict Evan's newsletter and a daily dose of Techmeme, I feel reasonably informed without having to drink from the fire hydrant.