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So because I don't 'check-in' with countries I've been to on Facebook, I can't become part of this 'exclusive club'? Weird. For those of you that do check in, be sure to let us know what actually happens on this site as you make your way through the stages.
@bentossell agreed it would be nice to bring in check-ins from Swarm, Instagram, etc - perhaps in the works @nyassin14?
@gillianim @nyassin14 Even if I could just enter the countries I've been to and then the outcome on the site is something cool.... (which I'll never know because I don't check in on Facebook haha πŸ˜›)
@bentossell Even then, it doesn't seem to be working. I have visited over 20 countries, I have 9 'Check-ins' but this page told me I only have 6. Looked like fun, but seems to be a bit of a #fail.
@bentossell I'd like to add it manually and be city based. Similar to
@bentossell @gillianim True, the limitation of this is, well, it requires you to be a Facebook freak like me. It would be great to have an aggregator of all distinct places you've been to across all internet-based platforms. Good idea, we'll see. :)
Built by @nyassin14, inspired by, The Exclusive Cloud Club grants access to mysterious content based on how many countries you've checked into on Facebook. (to be clear, this is not made by @hitlist_app, but I can't fault Nuseir's suggestion of where to look for travel deals..)
You don't get very far once you click the big blue Facebook Connect button.
Is FB used for logging in only, or also to check the numbers of countries?
@buxx Hi Patrick! FB is primarily used to check tagged places in FB. It's the easiest, most straightforward way to get the number we need :)
FYI, got an error after opening the 30 countries door. Other than that, agreed with some here, would be great to have an integration with the Foursquare and also TripIt APIs.
@papadimitriou Sorry, fixed! Thanks for feedback