The Don

Impersonate Donald Trump using AR

The Don is an iPhone X app that uses AR Kit to let you impersonate Donald Trump. The Trump Animoji will mimic your facial expressions, and you can record a video to share with friends.

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Congrats guys on building this. This is hilarious. Are you guys thinking about building out other "Don" avatars...Kim Jong-un, Putin, etc :)
@vivekmgeorge It's definitely something we considered! As you can imagine, getting one model just right proved tricky enough. Pending the reception to The Don, other avatars are likely to be in the mix
Good morning Product Hunt! One of the makers here. We had a ton of fun building The Don and experimenting with ARKit, and can't wait to see what y'all do with it. Happy to field any questions about how we built it, what it's for, etc!
@ruddct fun idea! was there some greater motivation behind this?
@spenciefy Thanks! We were super interested in ARKit, obviously, and thought that one of the more compelling use cases for it was creating fun, familiar avatars that move along with your face. Why be limited to Animojis? Trump, as one of the world's most recognizable people, jumped out as the best place to start, and we took it from there!