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The Crypto Almanac is an Open Sourced Directory of Blockchain Projects.

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Hi, This is Ankit. Today, I am launching The Crypto Almanac, an open sourced directory of blockchain projects. Today, we are going live with two very popular blockchain projects, Aragon and Tezos. 😃 Aragon: Tezos: If you want to become a contributor to the Crypto Almanac, you can apply here: Thank You
Hey Ankit, looks very cool and all about useful resources for the community. How do you see TCA fitting alongside Messari's Agora / Binance's new research project?
@nlw Hi Nathan, Honestly, I have no idea how that's gonna work out. Binance Research and Agora by Messari are truly amazing product being build out by really fantastic teams and I truly admire them for the work the work they are doing. I hope TCA attains the stature of these projects one day. About this project, I started working on this project at 5 AM in the morning and it took me a few hours of research and some initial set up to push it on PH in the morning. I didn't expect people to be so enthusiastic about this given the responses received till now. So, that has ,e very pumped up. About progress, I plan on reaching 200 profiles by the end of this year along with a few other things for TCA.
I like the focus on getting something out now via Medium vs. building a custom website & means of distribution. Looks great and excited to see progress.
Seems like a great start @ankit_kumar3 Keep it up!