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Follow the epidemic in real time

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 01, 2020
Follow the coronavirus in real time, see the latest victim toll and track the spread of the epidemic by country
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Great product, but please: Stop giving this so much attention! Coronavirus is more hyped than the last iPhone. Here in Germany, all the people affected show no severe symptoms at all. Normal flu seems to be more dangerous. The media is to be blamed for the wrong view, they make lots of money out of it and will not stop.
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@ludwig_stumpp Not true. 2019-nCov already has more confirmed cases than SARS in a much shorter timeframe, China has quarantined the largest area in recent history, and actual numbers are likely to be way higher given the shortage of testing kits and effort to process those deceased outside hospitals. The virus has HIV inserts never seen in a coronavirus before (See and that makes containment measures much harder. The incubation period is likely not just two weeks. It doesn't matter if people affected right now show no symptoms at all – what matters is what they, and the people they've spread the virus to – will look like in the next 60 days. Saying we know it won't get a lot worse it a false statement.
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@ludwig_stumpp add to the fact that they only report the deaths, not that almost there's going to be more people recovered than are dead
@fbwlm The paper was almost immediately withdrawn. HIV inserts are spurious. 2 of 4 are found in bat coronavirus. Of the remaining two, only one is most similar to HIV, and is so short (6 AA) that the similarity is not higher than chance given database.
We built this app in just 3 days out of concern about the coronavirus. We're both expats in Taiwan, so we're experiencing the psychosis surrounding the epidemic first-hand. When it hit us that there isn't really an app for tracking the epidemic, we decided we'd just go ahead and build one. The app is updated at least once every 6 hours with the latest numbers (often more frequently). You can click/tap on circle to see the details by region. Oh, and it's a PWA, so you can install it on your phone/laptop. We hope that's helpful. Feedback and comments would be much appreciated!
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@kbasset thanks for building this much needed :)
@kbasset really well executed UX/UI, nice work
@kbasset why do you get the data?
cool idea. but i'm confused why the tab title says that this is the "official app" of the Corona Virus. "Official" according to who? screenshots:
Google “Event 201”
The "Official App" of CoronaVirus ? 🧐