Tired of staring at a blank page?
The Conversion Kit takes the systems that we perfected launching and writing copy for scores of launches, and turns them into two strategy decks.
Printed on premium card stock, these decks feel as good as they look.
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Sometime last October, I was working on a launch and grabbed notecards off my desk to plot how the funnel would work. When it was time to hop on a call with the client, I used them to break down their upcoming launch. ⁣ ⁣Turns out the client was more excited about the cards than what I was saying. Whoops. ⁣ ⁣ And that's really how these decks were born.
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Sleek design Eman (love those colours). I'm super curious about the many ways to use these sexy little cards! I'm imagining a brainstorming sesh, process maps and strategy planning.... nice work!
@anna_zilla Thank you! We had a ton of fun putting them together! And yeah totally, we're working on creating more content around the different ways you can use them, but definitely brainstorming, process maps, strategy. We've also got a digital version in the works!
Looks interesting... looking forward to getting!
@bud_ross Thank you so much!
I saw you guys have a deck for nurture emails. Do those cards include templates or does it go more into the directions of best practices?
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@georgelee34 Great question! They don't! The cards are more for funnel mapping than best practices or templates. Creating email templates is on the list though!
If so, does this mainly apply to courses and membership platforms or also other industries and verticals?
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@jessepatrick Most digital products and services will work well. We've had a few people test them out with online summits and events as well with good results! The Launch deck is probably not the best for eCommerce brands, and we haven't tested it with SaaS yet. The copywriting deck is great for all industries!