Hi, I created this guide because there is no other comprehensive overview that covers everything an entrepreneur needs to know when running an agency. This guide covers the complete process from the moment a potential client asks you for an estimate to getting paid. - The first few chapters deal with how to communicate with a client and how to kick off projects - The second part is all about project management and how you can become very good at it without having to go to a fancy business school and getting a certificate - The third part delves into team collaboration, what makes good team different from bad ones, and how to actually get things done - The final chapter goes beyond projects and answers the question why organizations fail to grow and what you can do now in order to be successful 10 years from now It's a pretty hefty guide for a free ebook (129 pages), but it's very concise and practical. It took me 3 months of research to write it and I hope you learn plenty of new stuff when it comes to working with clients and managing projects. Let me know what you think. Cheers!