This may come as a surprise but we are India's first comic book store! Despite having the 2nd largest fan base after the US, India lacks a comic center. There’s this massive gap between the demand & supply of comic books in India & to meet all these needs we set up The Comic Book Store.
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Hamza Sayed
Founder - The Comic Book Store
Comics have been an integral part of every 90s (& earlier) kids. We’ve grown up on them but somewhere along the line with the birth of smartphones, comics became scarce and with it our childhood non-existent! Then came the MCU and with the release of Iron Man in 2008 millions of new fans were spawned. India has the 2nd fan base after the USA. Fans ranging from Marvel, DC, Manga, Sony, Disney to the online streamers of GoT, Stranger Things & so much more! Despite housing one of the world’s biggest geek communities what India lacks is a comic center. Comic-Con fests are held across India but you won't find a single Comic book in sight! People long for Comic books & with the boom of the MCU, they want this now more than ever! There’s this massive gap between the demand & supply of comic books in my country & to meet that I set up The Comic Book Store. We get our comics/merchandise directly from publishers or distributors in the USA such as MARVEL, DC, FUNKO, HASBRO, IMAGE, etc. Our promise is to sell "Premium Products at Non-Premium Prices". We've successfully launched The Comic Book Store and so far, the feedback has been good. I get requests of very specific comics which are either incredibly hard to source or have been discontinued by the publisher. To address these requests, we're launching a MARKETPLACE (completely free, no membership fees) so that our customers can easily find what they're looking for without any hesitation or the slightest doubt about its authenticity. Not just that, we'll also be launching a subscription service called NERDVANA, which is, Nirvana for Nerds, that includes benefits such as an Amazon Prime subscription. To promote the artist community in India, we'll also invite new/upcoming comic creators to submit digital copies of their comic strips and make it available to the public at a small price. Hope you guys like & support this initiative I've taken! Please let me know how I can better improve The Comic Book Store. I'm open to any help, suggestion or feedback. Thank you :)