The Changelog - 187: Redux, React, and Functional JavaScript with Dan Abramov

We talked about Redux, React, and Functional JavaScript

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Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
Nice! I'm excited for this one. We're just getting going with redux for Product Hunt. perfect timing for this episode. @dan_abramov @adamstac @jerodsanto 💯
James Chevalier@jameschevalier · Creator, CityStrides
Spoiler Alert ... ... ... ... About 30 minutes in, he mentions that Facebook is moving to Relay instead of continuing to use Flux. Am I understanding that correctly? Should I be concerned about that move, as someone who is about to start a very large project with React/Flux? Should I not be concerned with that move, since Flux is more high level / concept as opposed to being a framework?
Adam StacoviakMaker@adamstac · Editor-in-Chief
@jameschevalier I would say, proceed with caution.
Riccardo Arvizzigno@riccardoar · ex Product Hunt team
Awesome podcast! Love what you've done with redux :) and I'm really happy that FB has hired you and you'll work on React Native!
Adam StacoviakMaker@adamstac · Editor-in-Chief
@riccardoar thanks Riccardo :)