jeremy carson@thejeremycarson · Founder,
seems so insanely impractical. massive tunnels for removing a few dozen cars from the flow of traffic at a time won't do much. am interested in how it scales. EDIT: massive tunnels, not massive tunes. though, an elon musk cover band sounds interesting...
Sotiris Karagiannis@skaragiannis
@thejeremycarson I agree. I'd prefer to direct his creativity and vision to a really impossible until now target: Teleportation
Bruno Skvorc@bitfalls · I work at SitePoint and
@skaragiannis @thejeremycarson you would kill yourself to send a copy of yourself to your destination? Seems mad.
Sotiris Karagiannis@skaragiannis
@bitfalls @thejeremycarson who says that? Old movies ? I believe we don't even know what's coming with biocomputing and quantum physics and other tech. Ai seems so predictable compared to them!
Noah Kim@wuss · Startup in Progress ▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░ 30%
@thejeremycarson 1% solution for a 1% problem. The real problem is "how do we get the most people from point A to point B as comfortably and with as little friction as possible". What this is solving is "how do I get me and my beloved car that is mostly driving just me around 90% of the time, from point A to point B as comfortably and with as little frictio… See more
Gabe Ragland@gabe_ragland · Founder, Imgfave (YC S12)
@thejeremycarson Why do you think it would only remove a few dozen cars? You can have many many layers of tunnels. In the video he talks about how you can dig much farther down than the tallest skyscraper.