The Boring Company Hat

The world's most boring hat


This is the first product release from the world's most boring company. The hat comes with an ultra premium velcro strap and one size fits all technology. At a starting and ending price of $20, with shipping and tax included, this is a steal.

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  • Planable
    PlanableConnectus Software

    Great for helping to bring awareness to a great idea.


    Maybe different colors.

    If you don't know, The Boring Company is one of Elon's companies. They are designing new ways to create tunnels under cities to reduce traffic. It is a play on words but an interesting idea. Next time you are stuck in traffic, think about it and maybe you will change your rating. You can watch a video at

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  • Matt Clark
    Matt ClarkBuild Program Manager

    It protects you from some sunburn


    This is a 3$ hat for 20$ with really poor embroidery

    This is ridiculously priced despite embroidery and shipping cost. I would think the Boring Company would utilize a better embroidery/design service that doesn't look like bad swag bag handouts.

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  • Annie G Fuentes
    Annie G FuentesCryptocurrency Agent

    Good cause - funding for Chicago tunnel


    Poor embroidery, should at least have a tag inside but it just says made in China. Structure of the baseball hat is sturdy. Good cap quality

    Product took a little bit to arrive, almost a month. Delivery address is in the Bay Area and the hat was just shipped from..Fremont? But they also had a lot of orders so that mustve caused the lag.

    Was given as a gift ,of course nobody will complain about a gift. :) Will still recommend.

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  • Azzam Sheikh
    Azzam SheikhManager, Digital Marketing ROI




    Had it delivered to the UK and had to pay £12.50 custom tax. Should have read the comments he and abandoned at royal mail to be lost in the ocean of rejected items

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  • Braeden Miguel
    Braeden MiguelUniversity of Colorado Student

    It's a hat


    I don't get it - Is this an inside joke or something?

    Even if I wasn't dealing with student loans, starting a company, and trying to stay afloat- I would not buy this hat.

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  • James Seaford
    James SeafordFounder, Trimly

    It's a hat.


    It's a hat.

    It's a cheap hat mentioned by someone famous. Next.

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  • Igor Malchenko
    Igor MalchenkoChief Operating Officer at GameTree

    Stylish, fashionable, one size fits all, good fabric, premium quality finish, makes geeks follow you around


    Kinda boring

    This is a great product overall, just got 20 of those for *each* family member. Would recommend to anyone who likes hats and/or boring equipment.

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  • Nick Fotopoulos
    Nick Fotopoulos████░░░░░░░░░ 33% Headline loading...

    You might contribute a few dollars to future tech


    Most of your money is going to a hat company and not future tech.

    I've begun to lose interest in Elon's pipe dreams. I hope my cynicism is misplaced.

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  • Pros: 

    looks to be a nice hat for Boring nerds


    Shipping included doesn't mean shipping to Ireland is included

    Why am I already on the checkout page to get this?

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  • Pros: 

    It’s very Boring!


    Rather boring...

    A boring hat from a not so boring person.

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  • Kevin Elliott
    Kevin ElliottFounder: WeLike, Catalyzed, HomeTender

    Promotes awareness in a goofy way.


    Truly boring product.

    The Boring Company will be making the drills and tunnels that will go under Trumps walls.

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  • Anders
    AndersHello I am Anders ;)

    great conversation starter and great idea behind


    can be boring

    I´m bored

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  • Julien Ricard
    Julien RicardCTO, Webedia

    This hat seems perfect for putting on top of my head


    I already have a hat

    I would like to see what is under the cap

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  • Pros: 

    The hat is on PH? Really?


    Bad idea

    Why not underpants?

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