Comments on “The Best Song
Gredoire Shayane@shayanegredoire · Co-founder The Best Song
We created The Best Song because we realized that everyone love discovering good music but paradoxically few people spend time searching for it. Why? Because it takes time and can be tedious. That's why we created this app to bring out the best songs hidden in the ocean of music using fun & addictive features. We've been in bêta for a few months and are … See more
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
hey @shayanegredoire we met at the Web Summit in Dublin, I've been talking with Adrien for a while and beta tested your app, nice to see you here on PH!
Adrien Moret@adrienmoret · Founder, The Best Song
@shayanegredoire @mrdobelina Thank you Filippo! And don't hesistate to vote for your best songs on we will create you an expert profile into our app!
Gredoire Shayane@shayanegredoire · Co-founder The Best Song
@mrdobelina Thanks Filippo! Hope you like it. And don't hesitate to send us feedbacks. Best!