The Bars API

retrieve random quotes from a wide array of artists

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The Bars API gives developers easy access to retrieve random quotes from a wide array of artists for use in their own applications.
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&computersMaker@andcomputers_io · Blog About Nothing & Computers
It's The Bars API. Once upon a time we found a quote tool for the command line that gave inspirational quotes. We wanted to re-create it, except with rap lyrics; so we made a couple of services to support the command line tool and this is one of them. It pulls from a continually growing lyrics database with a dead simple API. It's 100% open source and free. Feel free to give any feedback and be sure to check out the blog. &computers was started for people who don't normally find computers particularly interesting or accessible and getting them excited about technology, the magic it can create, the questions it can help us answer, and the people it can help us reach.