The BAMF Content Machine

20+ Content Growth Hacks (Now included in THE BAMF BIBLE)


After writing 2 of the top 10 books on Product Hunt, I wanted to come out with another hit.

This book contains the step by step to breaking the internet with content marketing.

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Craig Cherlet
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  • Sarosha
    SaroshaCo-founder, Aiva Labs

    Hundreds of examples explained step by step - backed up with data



    According to BuzzFeed, Josh basically invented broetry. He has inspired countless individuals & created a strong community who provide value to each other everyday! Thank you 😊

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  • Pros: 

    Josh's results speaks for itself. This book shows you his methodical approach, step by step.



    Josh has inspired countless individuals (including myself) to write more — specifically to share their unique story and show vulnerability in their posts. This e-book removes the guessing work, and teaches you HOW he does it. Very valuable.

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  • Yasmine Morrison
    Yasmine MorrisonFuture of Work

    Another masterpiece by Josh.



    Josh keeps delivering extremely good content I have been testing different recommended growth methods grow my marketplace and IT WORKS. Thanks Josh for sharing this, so valuable to me!

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  • David Moyer
    David MoyerFire Door Inspections & Training

    Solid actionable steps to promote content on LinkedIn & Facebook


    Although the first section summarizes growing an audience from 0, I'm unclear how to do this. But the remaining sections are pure gold.

    This is a great book with actionable advice I will implement today! Even though I'm unclear how to build my audience (my CON for this book), I already have a small audience on LinkedIn where I promote my business. I'll use the audience I have and will immediately implement Josh's advice into my posts and status updates. Thanks, Josh.

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  • russjohns
    russjohnsFounder, Creative & Entrepreneur

    A wealth of information that amazes me on how much content is created.


    My ego fails to keep up with BAMF

    I just started reading it and know it will be overloaded with nuggets of knowledge.

    I know, It will be hard. At first,

    Then as I continue to read and understand it will begin to flow.

    After awhile I'm sure it will all come together.

    Grab a copy and get yourself in gear. Create every day and make a difference in someone's life.

    Enjoy the day

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  • Elias Benjelloun
    Elias BenjellounCEO, Powered By NOVA

    Josh speaks from real experiences


    LMAO (LOL didn't meet the character requirement)

    Josh's story, intelligence, dedication, and ambition inspire me to double, triple, 100x my own efforts.

    I've been following his tips and hacks almost religiously for the last 2 months and its landed me jobs, contracts, and opportunities to grow our business.

    Much love man and VERY excited to dive into this next.!

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  • Pros: 

    Digestible, to the point, credible, roll-up-the-sleeves approach to creating, generating and sharing content. Do not miss this.



    Josh and BAMF's results speak for themselves. Anyone who's anyone who ever posts online about anything, ever, ought to be affiliated to Josh and his team in one way or another.

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  • danielgold1
    danielgold1Sales hacking, SEO, Ottawa.

    josh Fechter.


    Hard work. :)

    All of the content that Josh puts out is worldclass. He delivers so much value to the community.

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  • Kim Døfler
    Kim DøflerEntrepreneur and tech lover

    Their content are changing the way people post on Linkedin


    Too much reach to handle. Naah nothing!

    I am implementing all their advice and it WORKS.

    Listen to them, they do this stuff all day long.

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  • guy poreh
    guy porehFounder, Playground

    Some people are built on hype. Josh is built on substance.



    We're going to try this out as a playbook. I'm sure results will be spectacular

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  • Josephus Ajibola Ayoola
    Josephus Ajibola AyoolaDigital Strategist & Project Manager

    This book is simply a stack of thought-provoking and proven hacks for content marketing.


    Well.. it doesn't suck at all.

    I love the book from the first glance and I'll keep reading and implementing my learnings from it.. :)

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  • Joel Crump
    Joel CrumpDigital Marketer

    The same as all josh's content. It is true, tried and tested epic high value content



    Just read t and see for

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  • Pros: 

    Very inspiring !



    Must have if you want to take the next mile.

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  • Nicole Donnelly

    This stuff works


    It's a lot of work!

    The Content Machine concepts really work, I used them with my clients too.

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  • Pros: 

    Amazing amount of useful, actionable content.



    I've devoured the last two books from the BAMF team and made great strides in my business using their methods. This one is proving to be even better.

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  • Pros: 





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  • Dror Zaifman
    Dror ZaifmanDirector of Digital Marketing & Strategy

    Josh is a brilliant marketer with lots of successful case studies that demonstrate his approach to winning.



    Mazal tov Josh. Wishing you all the best and continued success.

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  • Pros: 

    Got it without any glitch. Josh's content is priceless as usual.


    There are no cons in any of his contents.

    Josh's content and Josh, both are so inspiring.

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  • Vince Wainwright
    Vince WainwrightFounder, Scale Search Group

    incredible content and almost on a daily basis. They're available at any time



    They get it, hack it or create it.

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  • Abhijit Joshi
    Abhijit JoshiVoiceOut Seekers- CEO

    The Growth hack tools of BAMF are amazing and are helping me to grow


    I have not found anything yet

    I am using the 100 post template published by BAMF media and it has helped me a lot to grow.

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