25+ Growth Hacks (Updated for 2018)

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  • Craig Cherlet
    Craig CherletEntrepreneur, Technologist & Marketer

    Full of great relevant tactics for marketer sto use the minute they read them


    Not sure. Pretty good book.

    Josh has been working hard on delivering value to the BAMF community and this book is an example of that dedication to quality and providing uncompromising value.

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  • Pros: 

    packed with information and actionable steps


    wish I had thought of it first

    Josh has spent thousands of hours figuring out what works and what doesn't. This publication memorializes all of his learnings and packs them neatly into one easy to digest volume of work.

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  • Anfernee Chansamooth
    Anfernee ChansamoothContent Strategist | Writer | Podcaster

    The practical content inside this book works if you apply it


    I need a team to implement all the tactics! So many options, so little time :)

    I used Josh's viral Linkedin post formula for a client. We published 3 posts in 3 weeks that got a total of 93,581 views. One of those posts got 71,000+ views, and led to 50 new connect requests from people who fit my client's target audience and several sales conversations! Bingo!

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  • Savvas Zortikis
    Savvas ZortikisCo-founder & CEO at Viral Loops

    It includes top-notch growth hacks you can use for your company today.


    Can't wait for more growth tactics :)

    I'm a big fan of BAMF on Facebook and running lots of the growth tactics mentioned in this book. It's a must read for every growth team.

  • StartupDevKit
    StartupDevKitHelping Develop & Grow Thriving Startups

    Pretty extensive


    None yet!

    Lots of actionable, explained tactics and growth hacks that actually work!

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  • Laxman Papineni
    Laxman PapineniBuilding

    Great resource for all types of quick hacks


    I don't think so at this moment

    I follow BAMF regularly on FB and would have read all these hacks already, but having them at one place for reference is like pure gold.

  • Ahaan
    AhaanThe Man with Contacts

    Has a list of crazy growth hacks that actually work

    Its huge!

    You can combine 2-3 hacks and come up with you own version


    No Cons

    I have been using this and I have hit 20k Linkedin Reach with just 3k reach. Hows that for a growth hack :D

    Josh is really helpful!

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  • Despina Exadaktylou
    Despina ExadaktylouFounder @Reinventgrowth




    Josh keep the good stuff coming!

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  • Guillaume Boiret
    Guillaume BoiretCEO, Phantombuster

    Everything you need to know about Growth Hacking! With step by step process es.


    You'll need time to test all possibilities. Just pick the bests for your use case.

    I work on growth hacks for a while now, this bible continues to make me discover new technics :)

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  • Sabine Panneau
    Sabine PanneauMarketing Strategist

    great tips and case studies


    not sure if it could be improved. I found it very relevant.

    Josh has created an amazing community online and very supporting team.

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  • Lin Grosman
    Lin GrosmanCommunications Director, GoDataFeed

    Actionable how-to's that are relevant to many businesses


    Not sure there are any cons-- it's quality content

    Josh Fetcher and BAMF movement is a force to be reckoned with

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  • Pros: 

    Haven't been able to read the book, so there are none.


    I can't download it...

    There's no download link on the site.

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  • Mentor Reka
    Mentor RekaEntrepreneur & Software Developer

    Simple - Useful - Real usecase


    Resume each sequence

    Nothing to add

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  • Augusto Rocha
    Augusto RochaManaging Director, Outliers

    Excellent material!


    Nothing by now

    Excellent for start-up founders

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