The App Store Optimization Book

The most comprehensive guide on the market to growth via ASO

Understand and master ASO (both iOS and Android), including topics on:

1. Understanding the Algorithms

2. Increasing Visibility

3. Improving Conversion Rate

4. Optimizing for iOS 11

5. Comparison of ASO Tools

6. App Indexing

7. 20 Case Studies

Great foundation for beginners + tips, tricks & techniques for expert ASOs

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5 Reviews5.0/5

The App Store Optimization Book is the longest and most thorough book on ASO so far. There are some smaller ebooks out there, but this is definitely the best of all at the moment.


The most detailed ASO book ever written.


Can't think of any.

Looks like a good book to have but the price is too high for now. Can't you offer a discount code for hunters?
@erickbarron86 Product Hunters can use code: ph25 for 25% off
@gabetimes just got to see this now. can you share a new code for discount, as this seems to expire? Thanks a lot!

Came out yesterday and looking forward to reading it!


It's a thorough tome on ASO


Not that I know of

Authors are THE experts in the field


The absolute bible on ASO. Highly Recommend



Recommending one single book for a person who wants to master ASO just became really easy. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project!
Thank you @siragnabih :D it was quite a large project, and we're happy to have v1 live. We'll be working on the paper copy and an update post-iOS 11 next!