The App Store Optimization Book

The most comprehensive guide on the market to growth via ASO

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Understand and master ASO (both iOS and Android), including topics on:

1. Understanding the Algorithms

2. Increasing Visibility

3. Improving Conversion Rate

4. Optimizing for iOS 11

5. Comparison of ASO Tools

6. App Indexing

7. 20 Case Studies

Great foundation for beginners + tips, tricks & techniques for expert ASOs

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  • Pros: 

    It's got lots of visual examples and diagrams, not just text; this is valuable especially for concepts like conversion rate optimization.


    Can't think of any.

    It's 370 pages and includes many tips and tricks that even some advanced ASOs may not be aware of. It also includes great insights for people looking to update their app for iOS 11 and covers Google Play optimization, not just iOS App Store.

  • Gabor Papp
    Gabor PappGrowth Marketer at

    The most detailed ASO book ever written.


    Can't think of any.

    The App Store Optimization Book is the longest and most thorough book on ASO so far. There are some smaller ebooks out there, but this is definitely the best of all at the moment.


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Erick Barron
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
Looks like a good book to have but the price is too high for now. Can't you offer a discount code for hunters?
Gabriel Kwakyi
Gabriel KwakyiMaker@gabetimes
@erickbarron86 Product Hunters can use code: ph25 for 25% off
Founder & CEO - ELSA
Founder & CEO - ELSA@elsa_now · Vu
@gabetimes just got to see this now. can you share a new code for discount, as this seems to expire? Thanks a lot!
Sirag Nabih
Sirag Nabih@siragnabih · Mobile marketing, beMobile
Recommending one single book for a person who wants to master ASO just became really easy. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project!
Gabriel Kwakyi
Gabriel KwakyiMaker@gabetimes
Thank you @siragnabih :D it was quite a large project, and we're happy to have v1 live. We'll be working on the paper copy and an update post-iOS 11 next!
Chris Guest
Chris GuestHiring@guesto · CMO & Head of Growth @ Topology
Interested to try this. Several of the ASO tools I've used seem to assume you have some magical knowledge from somewhere - and in fact even choosing an ASO tool was difficult because of that!
Gabriel Kwakyi
Gabriel KwakyiMaker@gabetimes
@guesto navigating ASO can certainly be a challenge, given the sheer number of concepts out there to learn, plus all the algortihm/platform updates to keep up with. I hope this book helps! And while we don't recommend a tool in the book, we're happy to provide feedback based on what we've tried; email!
Gabriel Kwakyi
Gabriel KwakyiMaker@gabetimes
Hey all! My Co-Author, Moritz Daan and I set out in February to create a complete, unabridged guide for ASO. The result is over 70,000 words of insights, explanations, and details regarding everything you ever wanted to know about ASO. The experience we drew upon to write this book stems from years optimizing ASO for nearly 100 unique apps of all sizes from indie status to top 100 country charting, as well as studying the inner workings of the store algorithms by running countless experiments to deepen our knowledge on the intricacies of how ASO works. The book is 12 chapters and consists of 6 parts: 1. The ASO Stack — a cheat sheet for mobile marketers to improve their app store presence 2. Getting ready for iOS 11 — implications for ASO 3. Increasing Visibility — Improving visibility in the app stores through search & browse 4. Increasing Conversion — turning views into downloads, with iOS category conversion rate benchmarks from TUNE that weren’t published before 5. Tools—The ASO practitioner’s toolkit 6. Outside of the Stores — External and internal influences on ASO We would also like to thank our Guest authors for their incredible help, adding expertise and depth to this book: ■ Daniel Peris— chapter: Backlinks and setting up the Google Search Console. ■ Emily Grossman — chapter: App Indexing. ■ Pablo Penny — chapter: The Keyword Optimization Cycle. ■ Paul Malicki — chapter: Switching Categories. ■ Peter Fodor— chapter: Getting Featured. ■ Sylvain Gauchet— chapter: App Store Videos Another big thank you to our proofreaders and other contributors: ■ Adeline Lee. ■ Andy Carvell. ■ Ido Schoonen. ■ Ilia Kukharev. ■ Luca Giacomel. ■ Oksana Iarosevych (OI). ■ Sebastian Knopp. ■ Thomas Petit. And we would like to thank the ASO tool providers who provided details for our ASO Tools survey: ■ AppFollow: Anatoly Sharifulin, Evgeny Kruglov. ■ App Radar: Thomas Kriebernegg, Silke Glauninger. ■ AppTweak: Laurie Galazzo. ■ Sergey Sharov. ■ Mobile Action: Aykut Karaalioglu, Hugh Kimura, Yekta Ozcomert. ■ PRIORI DATA: Patrick Kane, Patrik Winkler. ■ Raisemetrics: Alexey Savitsky. ■ SensorTower: Randy Nelson. ■ SplitMetrics: Alexandra Lamechenka, Ian Artimovich. ■ StoreMaven: Adam Rakib. ■ TestNest: Anzhelika Shevchenko, Nick Kurat. ■ TheTool: Ekaterina Zolotareva, Daniel Peris. ■ TUNE: Ian Sefferman, Patrick Haig, Tam Phan. Special thanks to: ■ Regina Leuwer (Editor). ■ Javier Prieto (Designer). ■ Vasilis Konstantoudakis (Cover design).