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E*Trade of P2P / Real estate investing

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This is pretty cool. If you're following what's happening in the P2P/Crowdfunding space, you should be pretty excited about this new platform, and what it means for the future of the space. AlphaFlow just launched their exchange on top of their real estate P2P platform, aggregating deals from multiple sites. As more and more platforms come online, (the days of just Lending Club or maybe Prosper are over), a real need emerges for this type of access and overview. It looks like Alphaflow is solving that with a meta-platform. So, is this a search engine for P2P or an investment platform?
@jonathancordeau Great question. Today we're sending investors from our site to each of the various platforms if they're interested in a deal (think Kayak sending you to Delta to book your flight). We're already in discussions with multiple platforms about the next round of integrations, in which we'd handle the whole investment process on AlphaFlow.
@ray_sturm So will you handle oversight, analytics, etc?
@jonathancordeau Yes, today we have consolidated reporting (no more pulling all of your statements from each platform into an excel sheet) so you can stay on top of your portfolio in one place. We're also providing analytics on how your portfolio is structured (by asset class, geography, etc.), giving you the tools to easily manage a diverse portfolio.
I recently invested in AlphaFlow's industry-first p2p real estate fund. I've long been interested in the yield & diversification of investing in p2p real estate - but wasn't able to evaluate the investments nor buy enough diversification to get comfortable. I'm pumped that AlphaFlow made this possible for me. Thanks Ray!
@brezina Thanks, Matt! We're excited about the mission. So many of the top platforms are already partnering with us because we're helping to solve a lot of challenges that were tough for any single platform to address. Much more to come. Excited to have you as part of Fund 1!
This looks like a pretty awesome solution for investors to get into real estate without losing the diversification inherent in large assets classes. What is the minimum investment and how can I get started?
@fotoflo Good question, Alex. We're hooked up to a number of platforms but in short, the investment minimums are as low as $1k so the financial threshold for getting involved is relatively low. Just create an account, and you can quickly get started. We are limited by law to accredited investors though. That may expand in the future as we add platforms that offer investments under the newly passed Title 3!
Also, now that I can think of real estate like any other asset class, where on the risk/reward spectrum would you put Alphaflow investments? How do you quantify this risk?
@fotoflo That's an interesting question and digging in there requires us to be a registered investment advisor, so I'm a bit limited in what I can say. Within real estate, you'll find a variety of investments though that span different risk/reward appetites. For example, our recent fund invests only in 1st lien residential debt, so there is great asset coverage there. For those looking for a riskier investment with more upside, you'll also find equity deals.
Looks great. What platforms are you guys connected to?
@vandentweet Thanks, Jason. Today we're connected to a number of platforms including Patch of Land, Fund That Flip, RealCrowd, and PeerStreet. We're also currently adding great platforms like Sharestates and LendingHome and have more in the pipeline, so we're growing very quickly!