The Agile You: Weekly Planner

Organize your weeks, get more done & accomplish your goals.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2019
Build an effective planning routine that helps you get more done every day, with Weekly Planner!
A 52-week pen & paper planner for getting things done.
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The Agile You: Weekly Planner is finally here. Highlights - Lasts the full year (52 weeks) - 48 dot-grid pages for your ideas (vs 6 pages in Daily Planner) - Goal-setting & tracking pages for the 4 quarters of the year Let me know if you have any questions :) Thanks for checking it out. PS. If you want early access to the Time Planner app, remember to join the waiting list here:
Hey @felixoginni! What's new in this version since 2.0?
@calum nothing new. It’s a different product. The main difference: Weekly planner lasts 52 weeks (1 year) because doesn’t include the daily schedule. You can use your digital calendar for that. To include a full daily schedule, Daily planner includes 1 full spread (2 pages) for each day, so it lasts only 3 months.
@felixoginni Ah nice one!