Made For complete beginners, with little or no previous coding experience.
The Designers, Makers & Product people, who want to learn how to code a beautiful, custom website for their various projects.
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With our Learning Kits, we hope to make it fun and easy for complete beginners, to learn hard practical skills independently, asynchronously and at their own pace. For many years, I have run tiny little experiments in the education space, to try and figure out how to make it easy, for complete beginners to acquire hard skills via self-study & practice. From what I have learnt so far, there are a few relevant things people struggle with when they learn on their own. - Not knowing what to learn - Going "too far" with huge knowledge gaps - Not knowing how well they are doing (no feedback loop) - Getting lost in rabbit holes - Lacking motivation to complete a particular course - Mindlessly consuming course after course, without extracting the relevant concepts - Having no clear target I have also spent some time learning "how to learn". From that experience, I learnt a few important things. To learn & retain information effectively, a student must (amongst many other things) - learn one concept at a time - engage with the new idea in a context of problem solving - practice (reps) - learn the required prerequisites first - Engage in active, rather than passive learning. With our Learning Kits, we hope to address the issues above, by providing 4 key tools, that we believe a student needs to teach themselves a hard skill (like Coding). 1. The Session Workbook The session workbook is a complete "done-for-you" learning plan, for learning how to code. In the workbook, your entire education is broken down into 110 modular learning sessions. This includes all the required learning & practice sessions you need to complete, to acquire the skill of coding your own website Each session has it's own clear objective, a task-list and a clear done state. We also estimated how long it'll take you to complete each learning session, to make them easy for you to schedule. 2. The Program Notebook The Program Notebook's helps you keep your notes, reflections & key take-aways from each session, properly organised. So that when you start building your own projects and you forget how to do a particular thing, you can easily find the relevant notes and revise the session quickly. It's structure naturally encourages active learning and forces you to close your knowledge gaps, before moving on to the next session. 3. The Learning Planner The Learning Planner helps infuse productivity habits and time management techniques that you need, to make consistent daily progress. Towards your goal of learning how to code modern websites. The Weekly & daily planning templates in the planner, help you break down your big intimidating goal of learning to code, into smaller easily digestible daily and weekly tasks. 4. A Learning community The last thing you need is a community of students just like you, working together towards the same goal. Having fellow students gives you quick access to like-minds, to bounce ideas off and get help when you get stuck. This also gives you a chance to reinforce your learnings, by trying to help your fellow students by answering their questions. With that said, If you asked me what our Learning Kit's are, . . . I would call it a new learning medium that aims to succeed where Textbooks, as well as Lectures, Courses & Non-fiction books have failed. [Why books don’t work | Andy Matuschak (] Soon, we will release Learning Kits for Design, UX, Product, User Research, Time Management, Art, Music & more requested topics. Then, we will open up this learning medium to independent educators, so you can teach whatever you like, with this learning medium. Today, I am happy to announce The Agile You: Learn to code modern websites. The first release in our series of Learning Kits. It guides you through your first steps of learning to code and will equip you with the skills you need to code dynamic, modern websites for your project, with HTML, CSS, Javascript & React.js. Made For complete beginners, with little or no previous coding experience. The Designers, Makers & Product people, who want to learn how to code a beautiful, custom website for their various projects.