The 7 Day Startup

You don't learn until you launch

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interesting. how does this compare with other awesome products - cc @to, @amyjokim
@eriktorenberg Going to read it over the weekend. Give you some feedback when I'm done.
@SacBookReviewer I'd love to know what you think Ross.
@thedannorris Will post here once I'm done. Congrats on publishing.
Wow thanks for posting this @Jacquesvh this is a huge surprise. I'd love to know what you guys think of the book.
Free "this week". This feels very targeted at people who've never launched, which is great. I've contemplated a blueprint like this before, because so many people get overwhelmed with an idea/desire but never get to shipping.
@dshan Hi Derek ever since I came up with the idea of writing this book it was always going to be free. With Amazon the rules are a bit tricky though. I just wanted to put it on free on Kindle then a PDF on my site. However with Amazon it has to be exclusive and has to be for a maximum of 1 week. I could have gone outside of Amazon but I really wanted to try to tap into their audience and I think it's doing that. It's currently #2 in the free business category and #39 overall so that's pretty cool. Once the week is up I will drop it down to whatever the smallest amount they will let me. I hope you like it mate, let me know what you think.
Yeah, nice to see it free.
@thedannorris I'm about halfway through as of yesterday evening. First off, love the advice you're giving in the book on the action level. Full disclosure, I'm really still a wantrepreneur working for other start ups right now, so it's particularly hitting home with myself (30+ domain names from product ideas, guilty! :). I read your blog posts before and have wanted to ask this question. With, as I see the dissection of what happened during your validation, I was asking myself did you consider the difficulty in getting new wallet spend, i.e. asking the customer to pay beyond what they're already paying for a particular area, vs new wallet share? I was thinking that perhaps during validation of, that might have been a key factor in why customers thought the idea was great, but weren't willing to spring for it when push came to shove. SaaS products in particular are generally highly subject to this when they're not replacing an existing solution.
@startupjoshua Hey Joshua great question mate. I'm not sure I'll do the best job answering it but I'll try. There were a lot of issues with I really didn't know what I was doing and made a lot of rookie mistakes. Fundamentally though I think there was a big problem with the pricing at every stage. First I tried freemium and gave people 6 charts for free and charged $9 / month for more. Hardly anyone took me up on that and even if they did it is such a small amount of money that I ever would have been able to make that work unless it was literally tens of thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands signing up. I think the free to paid conversion rate was something like .003 or .3 % The higher level plans were for agencies or people with multiple sites which is fine but it's essentially a different market to the normal users. So people wouldn't really go from a normal user to an agency user. I eventually shut down normal users and focused primarily on agencies at the higher price point. I was able to get a few customers paying between $29 and $99 / month but generally only people I knew and no one really loved it. It required agencies to log in and set up the reports and add text in to email their clients etc. One of my main users was a friend who said he'd actually lost business out of it because clients would see that their stats had gone down and therefore he hadn't done his job properly. It was pretty much an all round disaster. There were a lot of lessons learned but some of the bigger mistakes were: * Creating a product where people weren't currently paying for a solution * Running freemium with very little runway and no funding * Not asking for money sooner * Not charging enough * Building something that people who weren't friends with me really didn't want * Taking way too long to realize all of the above. Hope that helps mate.
@thedannorris "Taking way too long to realize all of the above." That's the clanger.
@MarcEglon @thedannorris great answer. I of course was two pages prior too reading about your discussion of customer behavior where you talk about that topic in a very similar manner. No lip service here, great book!
@startupjoshua Thanks man it's cool to hear. I've been really blown away by the response I really have.