That Podcast – Episode 25: S02E01

Beau and Dave catch up after a 5 month break.

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Super excited to be back in a position to start recording again! We're going to try and keep episodes shorter in exchange for recording more often. We just finished recording Episode 26 two nights ago so we're on track, at least for now. :)
At one point during this episode I found myself getting distracted a bit, realizing just how disconnected I've come from parts of the community and projects that I used to feel very passionate about. Symfony components, for one, and the entire Silex project. In what felt like at least 30 seconds (on listening back it wasn't very long and barely noticeable at all...) it sorta hit me just how much my priorities have changed over the last year. It isn't a bad thing or a good thing, just something I hadn't really realized until that moment. It is weird to have these sorts of things hit you and not be able to talk about them right away yet have that moment recorded in time so you can replay it.