That Loyalty App

Get rewarded for shopping locally & supporting the community

Discover companies that genuinely care about your community and find out about their initiatives and charitable work. You can even give back to the community by donating your reward in-app.
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Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹ We have just launched our shiny new website. The mobile app is still in development but we wanted to see what YOU (product hunt) think about our offering. That Loyalty App rewards consumers for shopping locally and supporting the community. We believe loyalty should be around values and impact NOT habits and hooks! We want to help consumers discover companies that genuinely care about the community by providing visibility of their initiatives.
Timothy Scott TestermanTimothy Scott Films
Great job!! 😊 Does it support brands of any market?
@timothyscott Thank you! πŸ™Œ Yes, we will list companies across multiple markets; the only condition is they have an initiative. What market did you have in mind for this service?