That Dragon, Cancer

A videogame developer's love letter to his son

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David RogersonProduct Owner of E-lucid
The game/story was featured recently on the RadioLab podcast ( It had me in tears on the train in to work. The religious aspect isn't to my taste but the universal emotions that cut through it can't help but touch you, especially if you are a parent. I admire the bravery of Ryan and Amy Green in persevering to create and finish the game.
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Jeremy ThomasSoftware Engineering
@doivoid I have two small boys, and I listened to the same podcast and had the same reaction (although I managed to hold it in, somehow). I played the game last night. It rocked me more than Broken Circle Breakdown (the movie). But what an amazing, poetic way to convey emotion and tell a story. It felt very, well, human.
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Jake Crump
Head of Support at Product Hunt
This game is absolutely heart breaking, but incredibly worthy of your time.
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Paul Tomkinson
Founder, Textras
Gut wrenching podcast. Take the time and have a listen (link above).
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Melissa Monte
Director of Media & Startup Growth
I'm already in tears and all I've done is read the description... 😢
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Akshay Bharwani
Just a Student, for now.
The video itself will bring you to tears. A narrative game, which tells a story of love, feelings and hope. Can't recommend it enough.
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