Support all of your favorite creators using cryptocurrency

Thankful tracks the content you enjoy as you browse the web, figures out who created it, and lets you easily support the creators of it by directly sending them cryptocurrency.
By using Thankful, you incentivize creators to focus on creating what you want.
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Hi Hunters! 👋 Today we're launching the beta of the crypto crowdfunding app we've been building since last summer. We want this to make it easier for fans to support all of the creators they think are deserving in a fair way without introducing intermediaries. We're a bunch of university students who saw an opportunity to build an app where crypto makes sense and where there is room for a lot of cool features, so we built it! 💫 We saw others building closed, needlessly expensive, and complex solutions when we could easily accomplish the same thing in the open with much less effort (especially since we had already built a lot of the tracking stuff in ActivityWatch). This leaves us to now be able to focus on building new features that makes it easier for our users to support creators, and to create incentives for them to do so! We have a lot of awesome features planned that we hope you reach out to us about if you're in the space! 🙏 As this is an early version of Thankful we're looking for real, honest, feedback so we can go from something that a few crypto users are excited about to something that creators would love to recommend to their fans! So try it out, let us know what you think, and tell your crypto friends! 💖
Hey, very cool. Why did you chose to build on Ethereum? 1-3% TX fee is very high.
@jhm_uk Hay Jamahl, thanks for commenting (and sorry for the late reply!) We chose Ethereum because it had the most mature ecosystem, is the most popular chain for dapps like ours, and because the work on Ethereum 2.0 is very encouraging. We'd love to support other currencies in the future, but Ethereum is the easiest for us to build on right now, and we want to focus on getting things to work well with it before we start building support for other currencies/chains. About the TX fee: ~1-3% is not high at all considering it's many small donations, you can get it much lower by donating more but less frequently (batching), although this hurts creators who want to get paid often. You can see our calculations (as well as how we can further reduce fees by ~35%) here:
@erikbjareholt Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply! I don't want to sound shilly, but BCH has insanely low TX fee and with the new SLP tech, I think it could be really worth looking into! I'm of the opinion that a massive use case for crypto is micropayments, and this was a use case that Ethereum was not really designed to solve first and foremost. My two cents :) Good luck!