Thank Bunny

Manage your retail operations from a single dashboard

Thank Bunny lets you manage your retail operations from a single dashboard.

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Seshu Karthick
Tech Founder - Thank Bunny!
Hello Hunters! Happy to be listed on PH today. We want to provide a customer-centric platform for retailers to get on speed with Ecommerce firms and capitalize on data. So, we put together the most essential components of a Retail ERP and the best aspects of a customer-relationship tool in a clean structure. We partnered with Zoho to achieve this, and we have native mobile apps in the works. Offer: We are giving 6 months of free access to all signups this week. Try us out! In short, you can achieve the following with our tool. - Track Customer Touchpoints - Generate More Sales - Handle Products & Pricing - Derive Business Intelligence - Automation & Advance Features P.S: Thanks to @kwdinc for helping.