TGIM - Business Lessons from Prison

For people who can’t wait for the week to *start*.

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Mark Macdonald
Content Manager, Shopify
Hey gang. Excited to let you know about TGIM – a new podcast from Shopify. We’re calling it the essential podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs. It’s for people who want to unlock their creativity and passion so they can make a living being themselves. We’ll have new episodes every other Monday featuring inspirational stories about entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles, built incredible businesses, and are now living the life they want. Plus, we’ll be bringing in some of the world’s top entrepreneurs so they can offer their advice and wisdom to listeners. You can subscribe in iTunes here:
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Alex Carter
Ex Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻
@mark_macdonald clever pun on the name. too me a second to realize it was referencing TGIF =)
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Vinish Garg
Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
Excellent listen. I always waited for Mondays, even when in job.