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Not bad but looks like Papier with fewer features..
Paul de Fombelle
@paulodef · sows Mailify, reaps email marketers
@zac_46 I like the idea of not having to install an extension
Dhruv Patel
@dhruvp2014 · Co-Founder, SalesHandy
@paulodef @zac_46 Does it save text, on closing browser and reopening it again ?
Paulo Nunes
@syndicatefx · Front-end developer
@dhruvp2014 Yes it does!
@paulodef I agree with you despite we are talking about a 1-min task to do once.
@syndicatefx what are the main differences with Papier?
Paulo Nunes
@syndicatefx · Front-end developer
@zac_46 I have not used Papier thoroughly. But from what i could gather from a quick test, this is what i think the main differences are between TextPad and Papier(which looks/feels like a great app too, by the way). - TextPad is browser vendor independent, no extensions to install, works on all modern browsers. - Lightweight and fast, even on mobile(the whole online app is one html file weighing 22.7kb). - Also uses LocalStorage, though in a much simpler way because there is no text formatting going on. Resulting in a small footprint on storage capacity which for text purposes isn't that significant but still takes up less than Papier. - Enables you to directly download your text as a .txt file, Papier only has print option if you want to store a copy on your disk. - TextPad uses html textarea element, Papier uses a contenteditable div. Paste text into it without bringing in any formatting of the original copied text, cleaner output and less error prone. Wrapping up i think the only things TextPad really misses are the text formatting options, keyboard shortcuts and synchronization. Otherwise they are equal in features.