macOS app to recognize text from your images/docs with OCR

Textify recognizes text on any images or PDFs. It produces a PDF with the text integrated above the image, such that it looks like a pure text PDF. You can search the PDF or copy/past in it. Everything happens on device, instant file size preview + filters.
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I'm super glad to introduce Textify. 🚀 Textify is a macOS app to recognize text on any image/PDF, and to export to PDF with the text integrated! Text recognition (OCR) has never been so easy and so accurate. Key featuresSave result as a PDF with the text integrated above the image such that it looks like a pure text PDF. The PDF is searchable and you can copy/paste in it • Save as .txt • Select multiple images at once or just Drag & Drop • Apply filters on the images (colors, grayscal, b&w) • Adjust size and quality for smaller output file size • Instant output file size preview • Accuracy boost for English language by using a dictionary (more languages to come) • Everything happens on device, 100% locally, no server. Your data is safe and your privacy matters • Developed exclusively for macOS and compatible with dark mode What do I get by downloading the app? The app is entirely free. You can definitely stick with the free version and export for free as .txt or with a watermark on the PDF. The watermark is not added if you purchase the PRO version as a one-time in-app purchase. This will support my work as an indie developer and also bring you future free updates. My family and I thank you so much for your support. The PRO version is currently at -70% for app launch 🚀, which makes it cheaper than 2 beers. And I'd love a beer 🍻. Update: if you are looking on how to purchase the PRO version, export as a PDF and you'll be presented with the option to upgrade. A bit of history I am an indie developer and I previously created PDFZone and Zacc on macOS, as well as QuickScan: Image to Text PDF on iOS. Both macOS apps heavily use PDFs and read their contents. An OCR software was thus a logical new development. There is something going on with me and PDF, but I can't really tell. You guys have an idea? 😅 Anyway, I sincerely hope you enjoy the app. Feedback and reviews are welcome and very appreciated. I'd love to update the app with your suggestions. 👋🏻
Very simple and easy to use
What would you like to see first in the next update? Please detail!
The possibility to reorder the drag & dropped images
More languages for the dictionary boost
Design update
Other (please detail in comment)
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@yellow8 The ability to use it from command line.
@iam_active Good idea. Need batch OCR?
@yellow8 That would be cool, It would be nice to set something up with Hazel were I put an image in a folder and it automatically converts it.
Which languages are supported? ?makers
@creativehitarth Hi, basically all languages. But English gets an extra accuracy boost by using a dictionary. More languages will be added overtime, it is on my roadmap!
We want for Windows :3 <3
@ugur2nd Haha, I'd love too, but unfortunately as an indie dev, I have to choose my battles. It's not something I'm going to do, sorry. But I hope you find something out there!