A/B test app meta-data before the App Store release

#3 Product of the DayAugust 25, 2014
TestNest helps A/B test and discover which icon, screenshots and description generates most app installs.
Game publishing companies, app studios and individual app developers are spending huge marketing budgets to bring their app to attention among users.
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I'm very intrigued by the tagline of this product and I'm really curious how this works. @mrneek, can you give is some insights? EDIT: especially for Product Hunters @mrneek told me a little secret. Just press the 10px top right corner to get early acces.
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@emieljanson Love this little secret. Will test TestNest ;)
@emieljanson Love the secret access link as well!
@emieljanson Also checkout Store Maven hunted earlier. They help A/B test your icon and app screenshots!
@kwdinc yep, Store Maven looks cool too. But from what I understood from their landing page the product is not yet ready and they basically provide concierge service for now instead. Kevin, maybe you have more info on this?
Definitely could need something like this. A/B testing App Store MetaData is a real pain in the ass, but I know from first hand experience that it can make a huge impact. We were able to boost our downloads by 30% / day through optimising our Meta Data.
While clean, the site needs more information. How exactly are the a/b tests done? You can't do a true a/b test on the App Store itself.
@rrhoover hey Ryan, you are right. Recording a screencast with more information now. But in a nut shell - TestNest helps you create landing pages to test your app icon, screenshots etc. The landing page looks like this (icon test example): http://testnest.co/pages/53fb297... You direct traffic to it and get the analytics of the number of visits, conversions and CTR.
@mrneek gotcha! That was my assumption but it was unclear. This is useful although to @davidkmckinney's point, the testing meta-data/price on a custom landing page is a much different context than the App Store itself. Can users really depend on the results of TestNest to drive their App Store optimization or is it not designed for that use case?
@rrhoover that's a good point. We had a couple of interviews with various app owners that regularly do AB tests for their app metadata. They are using custom HTML pages for AB tests now and from their experience there is some difference in the results but it is not significant. That was enough for us to decide to go with custom landing pages for now and see how it is working out. But further down the road we are planning to add desktop templates that look like real app stores (but not 100% identical of course :) ). Same will go for mobile templates. And then we'll be able to compare the results of both and make a final decision.
@rrhoover @mrneek Ryan I think it's more about the human condition that the APP Store Optimization which are two completely Different in the sense of context. One one hand this should be done first and then from using testnest you have a great control group for your weekly or bi weekly run on the app store. The focus is that you're always testing ASO as I always do I've launched 15 apps and several have done very very well and the #1 reason is because I do exactly what testnest does weekly but I did ti all manually. Also I can't stress this enough this helps with an international push. So a lotof times my control group is the US. I have to figure out what damange CTR am I forfeiting by say not localizing properly and localizing isn't just about changing words it goes much deeper. These guys have a chance to build something pretty significant here. The things I can do with TestNest...lord have mercy.
@rrhoover I agree with you on this Ryan.
I love this!!!! Upset you can't do drag and drop file upload or duplicate a page ugh have to recreate the same page with similar images all over. I need to target by country so I need duplicate pages. :/
@nicholassheriff hey man, just released few minor feature updates. Now you can duplicate test pages ;)
@nicholassheriff thanks man. Hey, no problem, we'll add drag and drop and duplicate feature later this week.
@mrneek Neek you're going to make me cry stop messing with my emotions like this. I was going to build this exact thing from scratch in a few weeks for my startup. Recently got funded for my web browser.
@nicholassheriff haha, sorry man :)) Just checked Quest - looks awesome! I love products that are visually appealing and easy to use. Congrats on the funding too!
@mrneek Thanks man it's turning into something wonderful it's a long time coming. If you shoot me your UDID I can send you a pre release version. ( domaininfo@gmail.com )