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Hi guys, I'm Yair, TestFairy's co-founder and CEO. TestFairy is a mobile apps beta testing platform, allowing mobile developers and mobile product managers to distribute apps to testers and see what they do while testing your app. The platform, working both for iOS and Android, allows testers to shake their device in case they want to report a bug and fill in an in-app bug report form that can be posted to your Slack, pushed to your JIRA and of course, sent to you by email. By providing developers with videos and logs that show what exactly happened on the app before something went wrong, TestFairy helps mobile teams fix bugs faster, have shorter QA cycles and improve app quality. TestFairy integrates with everything you already use. TestFairy is fully compatible with Xamarin, Adobe Air, PhoneGap, Unity and Titaium and more coming very soon. Our Issue management API supports JIRA, Bugzilla, Github, Pivotal, Asana, Trello, Youtrack and others that are still in beta. On the CI side we have plugins for Jenkins, Travis-CI, (Circle-CI coming soon) and many other continuous integration services allowing you to upload your apps automatically once they are built. I'll be happy to answer any question you got regarding TestFairy.
Hey @yairba seems like a great deal! Mind if I'll ask why should I use TestFairy and not TestFlight or HockeyApp?
Thanks @liatmord! Both TestFlight and Hockey are great ways to send apps to testers, however sending apps to testers and waiting for their feedback is not enough. How many times did it happen to you that a beta tester (or a customer) emailed you and simply said "it's not working" and couldn't explain what was their problem? In such cases you would probably reply and ask them for more information such as their exact actions, network conditions, device details, and if they are technical enough you would ask for logs or send them a debug version... With TestFairy all you need to do is take the video 10 seconds back, and see that just before the user said "it is not working", he tried to click on a button did 3 times and nothing happened. In the logs, you will be able to see that the app can not connect to your server, because the user just switched from wifi to 4G... The idea behind TestFairy is to provide developers with the full story and answer any question, allowing them to fix bugs faster. Without talking to testers, without asking for logs, and without back and forth emails to their testing teams on the other side of the world :)