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A picture is worth a thousand words, really like the approach @mettleblue . And +1 for the app!
@philipkuklis thanks for the feedback. A picture of a dish might be worth a couple thousand orders!
You should get this set up ASAP for Portland Oregon - http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf...
@lynnfredricks thanks for the advice. The site is set up for all Canadian & U.S. cities. The only thing left to do is to reach out to restaurants in Oregon to invite them to join.
Welcome to the restaurant menu revolution called Bestorants. Power to the Plates! Bestorants features pictures and ratings for every plate that can be found on restaurant and bakery menus. Bestorants helps you locate the best dish for the food type you're craving in your neighbourhood. It's time for dish dialogue! Bestorants allows each menu item to have its own ratings & reviews so that you can browse the top rated dishes by restaurant and by your location and see what people are saying about it!
@mettleblue when will this come in app form? (and expanded locations ;) )
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback Ben. I appreciate the time you took to write. It's intended to be for Canada & USA. However, the locations that currently don't have any restaurants added are not selectable. Since the current restaurant that joined is from Canada, only Canadian cities are selectable. I was planning to wait and see what type of response the website receives first, before creating it as an app. What do you think of this approach? Do you think releasing it as an app would allow it to get more exposure?
@mettleblue I think a lot of people eating out will have their phones and in a spur of the moment they'd be more likely to rate restaurants/upload pics etc. Will be good to get some feedback from the community
@mettleblue @bentossell Cool idea ! remember people eat with phones instead of forks Nowadays :)
@mettleblue The concept is very much like the wax food displays you find in Japan - which is very effective.