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We spend hours reading the forums, Reddit, Twitter, etc. and we hand pick the content that we find the most interesting which is not necessarily the most popular.

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I don't have a driver license yet, I am like a kid saving every penny of his pocket money to buy the best candies, wishing to drive one day a Tesla and take advantage of all these high tech cars. Until then, I try to stay up to date with what's going on in the community. Tesletter has been an awesome help! Vanessa and Ignacio keep delivering great content week after week. Thursdays are becoming my favorite day of the way, I can't wait to see what they are curating or building for the community. One thing they built, for example, was a tracker to see who had the new map release (https://tesletter.com/do-i-have-...). If you own a Tesla, or if you wish to own one, just subscribe to Tesletter 😄
We’ve been Tesla owners (Model S 75) since December 2017 and since then we’ve spent a crazy amount of time reading about Tesla (forums, Twitter, Reddit, etc). We’ve never spent so much time reading for any other car that I've owned - I don't think I've actually done that for any other gadget - and I thought it would be of interest for others to get a hand-picked list directly in their inboxes once a week. Not only because of how much time it takes to consume the information but also because some really interesting information passes without making "too much noise". We’re collecting up to 10 links weekly (videos, forum threads, forum posts, tweets, Reddit articles, Reddit comments, etc) and sending them on Thursdays.